This alternative is actually a process that creates a surface that is similar to asphalt but much more cost effective. The use of GSA as key ingredient needs to be discussed before the rest of the process is explained. GSA ( Ground Screened Asphalt) is recycled asphalt that is processed in a crusher, and screened. GSA has a more precise size and contains more “fines”. Once the surfaces to be treated have been level graded, GSA is imported and bladed to a level surface. A water truck keeps the surface wet as a wheeled roller compacts the area. Once the surface has reached maximum smoothness and compaction, two coats ofPINEBIND  are applied. The first coat penetrates, the second coat seals. The end result is very similar to an asphalted area, but is completed at a fraction of the cost. Our prices are pennies on the dollar! Contact us today for a comprehensive price quote. We recommend an annual maintenance coat to the entire treated area, and four to six month maintenance coats to traffic areas to maintain integrity.

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This close up shows the "GSA" and Envi-Rox 2000 binding together to become a hard durable surface.

This busy grocery chain trailer parking yard is hard and dust free.

This surface is hard enough to be painted!

This freshly completed "Asphalt Alternative" trailer parking yard is ready for the painter.

Would you like your yard, road, or parking lot to look like this?

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